Best Sit on Top Fishing Kayaks

Sit-On-Top KayakOne of my favorite ways to fish is by kayak. I tried both sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks and found that I was more comfortable with the sit-on-top kayak. This type of fishing kayak will keep you elevated enough so you can actually see the fishing cover where fish hide better. You can also make more accurate cast and when the opportunity arrives where you have to stand up it is much easier to accomplish in a sit-on-top kayak. There are many choices when you decide to try kayak fishing. There are a few of the best sit on top fishing kayaks that do have more to offer than others. We will look at some of these now.

Ocean Kayak Prowler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak

This is one of the most popular choices on the market today. The design of this kayak allows for plenty of storage without getting in the way of fishing. Comes with 2 molded in cup holders. It also has a large tank well for storing your catch and keeping your catch fresh. Also has a large bow hatch for more storage. The features this kayak has is not the only upside to the design. It performs very well under a lot of different conditions. There is a reason why tis kayak is recommended as one of the best fishing kayak.

Riot Kayaks Angler Flatwater Fishing Kayak

This is another great choice for a fishing kayak according to Forbes Magazine. This fishing kayak is loaded with helpful features. Adjustable sliding foot braces will make this kayak at good fit for almost anyone. It is really stable and has rotatable rod holder to help hold your rod while you take care of others parts of the rig. The sit-on-top strap down seat is comfortable and rugged. Has plenty of rear deck storage to help you store your needed equipment. A lot of these feature are molded in so you want have to worry about knocking them off.

As with any other boating decision you want to make sure you purchase one that you are comfortable with. Chances are you will be spending several hours using your kayak so you need to be comfortable. I would suggest that you speak with someone who owns a kayak or see if there is a kayak rental in your area. Try out a few different type to discover which one fit you best. Be sure to do your research and talk to your local boat dealer to see if he can show you the best sit on top fishing kayaks. For online resource on kayak fishing, check out

The process of getting my pool table for my game room!

Buying a pool table is great. Although the process of finding the perfect pool table for my games room can be made easier, I am just glad that I am not the proud owner of a cool 7 feet pool table. It cost me a tidy sum but having saved up over the course of the year, I have no guilt spending that much money on my guilty pleasure!

Anyway, today I am writing not to gloat about how awesome my new pool table is but more of sharing my mistake due to the lack of knowledge. This mistake cost me so much hassle and additional money that I wanted to share with all of you so that you will not make the same mistake again in the future when you are in the market for a pool table.

I purchased a pool table without asking for all the other equipment and fixtures. No wonder I get it at a huge discount. I thought it was my lucky day but I now realised it’s not. The problem is I only bought the pool table without the cue stick, pool balls and not even the lighting. I end up having to search around shopping for these items.

Thank god there’s the internet. After doing some search on the net, I chance upon this wonderful resource about pool table lights and other pool table accessories! The site is This site really is a life saver. It saves me a lot of time finding for all the accessories that I need. Although, the site specialised with pool table lighting, they have expand and share about other things related to pool table. So it is basically a one stop place for me to find all that I need.

 At the end of it all, I spent another $1000 on lighting and accessories. That is definitely over the budget that I have set for myself but I have no other choice but to pay up or I will end up having a pool table without any of the pool accessories needed for me to play a game of pool.

On the bright side, I can now practice my pool skills and will be challenging my buddies for a game of pool at my place really soon! I’ve also managed to convince my wife to play pool with me and become my practice partner.

I am very happy and although the experience could be better, I am satisfied with everything and all thanks to Pool Table Lights Guide!!

Bobbie’s Club House is officially open!!!

Awaiting the completion of our new bathroom!

I’m so excited for my newly renovated bathroom!! Yes, Ema and I have engaged an interior designer to do up our worn down bathroom. We have been living at this house for 8 years and have never once spend on our bathroom so we both agreed that it is about time that we get a makeover for our bathroom.

Finding an interior designer is not the hard part. The hard part is deciding on the different parts of the bathroom equipment. As I am a graphic designer, I would like to think that I have good taste in things especially the aesthetic side of things. But Ema, being an accountant, feels that she too have good taste!

We have to discuss on every aspect of things from choosing the best bathtub to the best bathroom faucet. Luckily for us, our interior designer was very patient with us and even entertained our little feud. He even gave us some suggestion and gave his perspective of things.

One of the most challenging tasks was to pick on the type of faucet that we want for our bathroom. I wanted to equip our bathroom with a wall mount faucet as it gives more space for our toiletries. However Ema insist that getting a normal faucet is good enough.

Fortunately, we chance upon a great website that share in great detail on the different types of faucet. The site even have comparison chart for waterfall faucet – perfect for us! We spend quite some time on the site, reading and learning about the different type of material to choose for our faucet. We end up with a great looking bronze waterfall faucet.

For those of you out there who wish to learn more about bathroom faucet, you can check out the website!

All the hard work has been accomplished and our newly refurbished bathroom is estimated to complete in 2 weeks. I am super stoke thinking about the countless luxurious hours I am going to spend inside the bathroom once it is completed!

Shopping for the best electric smoker for my family

Last week, my old smoker broke down beyond repair. It was a blow to my family especially my kids as they love to eat smoked food during weekends. Seeing how sad my kids were, my wife and I decided that we are going to get a new smoker for the household.

Although we have not plan the cost in our monthly operating budget, we figured that this can be considered as an emergency and thus we will be dipping on our emergency fund! After a quick discussion, my wife and I have agreed that the maximum that we will be spending for our new smoker (and we have decided to get an electric smoker) is $300.

Over the weekend, we as a family did some research as to what are the features that we want for our new electric smoker. Yes, it became a family bonding activity!! Every one of us was very excited that we are going to get a new smoker. My kids are more concern about the size and the colors of the smoker. My eldest girl, Cassandra, wants the new electric smoker to be red as it is her favorite color.

In the end, here is the list of features that we want for our electric smoker:

  • Can fit at least 30 pounds of meat (Yes, we are big eaters!!)
  • An energy efficient smoker
  • Has a thermostat attached
  • Lifetime warranty or at least 10 years
  • Size of the smoker must not be too big that it looks out of place on our backyard
  • Must be red

Some of the features above might not be the typical list that people want in a smoker but this is what my family have discussed and decided. Next step is to look for the smoker that is under $300 and meet our expectation!

As we were doing our research and surveying the different types of electric smoker available, we are grateful that we chance upon a website that provides a comprehensive electric smoker comparison chart. The website have clearly breakdown the different features and how each smokers fair against each other. On top of that, they even have other useful segment such as recipes for smoked food and electric smoker reviews.

The website that I am talking about is! If you ever in the market for an electric smoker, I recommend you check out this website as it has a useful resources on electric smoker.

In the end, we found the best electric smoker that met all our needs and bought it via Amazon. The smoker is Brinkmann Gourmet Smoker and yes it is red! We are currently waiting anxiously for the shipment of our electric smoker to arrive. My son, Simon, have made plans and chosen a recipe for us to smoke when it arrives.

Our Red Electric Smoker
Our Red Electric Smoker

This is definitely a great time ahead for my family and looking forward for more awesome barbeque in the weekends. We love barbeque smoked food and we can’t help it!!!

Is sports violent? I don’t think so…

We can see violence on the streets, in school, in the media, but mostly in sports. Since early 60, violence in sports was called hooliganism and it started in England. Because football was the most mediatized sport, its supporters always wanted to catch media`s attention by fighting with each other’s, by burning stadium`s seats or even by hitting famous football players. Between 1970 and 1980, the number of violent acts in football raised about 75 %.

One of the most known tragedies that happened because of football`s supporters is known as “Haysel Stadium disaster”. On 29`Th may 1985, before the start of the 1985 European Cup Final between Juventus and Liverpool, a large group of Liverpool fans breached a fence separating them from a neutral area which contained Juventus fans. The Juventus fans ran back on the terraces and away from the threat into a concrete retaining wall. Fans already seated near the wall were crushed. Thirty-nine Juventus fans died and 600 were injured. In order to prevent further violence, the game was played, despite the disaster.

Another football tragedy happened in 2008, on a match between Catania and Palermo, two Italian teams. The Sicilian derby proved to be fatal, as 40 year old police officer Filippo Raciti was killed after a homemade bomb was thrown into his patrol car as rival fans of Catania & Palermo clashed before, during and after their side’s meeting in February 2007. Serie A football was suspended for three weeks as a consequence.

Also, small incidents happen every year. In Romania, for example, on a match between Steaua Bucharest and Petrolul Ploiesti, a fan managed to escape security and entered the field. He ran into one of Steaua Bucharest`s key player and hit him very hard, breaking his jaw.  Also, after important matches, supporters will secretly meet and organize dangerous fights. When they are bored fighting each other`s, they will eventually attack policemen or even innocent people.

It is said that the thirst for violence lives in everyone, but we most control it. Many people tried to associate sport with violence. That`s just wrong and we need to stop it! Check out list of violence in sports.

American Georgetown University men's basketball team and China's Bayi men's basketball team fight during a friendly game at Beijing Olympic Basketball Arena

Sports Violence 4

Sports Violence 3

Sports Violence 2

Newcastle United v Aston Villa

Some facts about Jack Hammer

Electric Jack HammerPower tools are mostly used in construction or gardening. They have an electrical or steam based motor. Some of them are portable, powered by a high capacity battery. Portable power tools have the advantage of being mobile, so you can transport them wherever you want. Power tools are very useful if you want to build something, but they are also very noisy, so you must consider wearing some hearing protection and not use them in the middle of the night, as you will disturb your neighbors. Most common used power tools are: Drill, Jackhammer, Chainsaw, Nail gun and Vacuum Cleaner.

Also known as demolition hammer or pneumatic drill, the jackhammer is a power tools, used to break concrete, pavement or even rock. Is effectiveness depends on how much force is applied to the tool, so you must be really strong to use one.  The first jackhammer was invented in 1848, used mostly in the mines, for braking rocks. Before jackhammer was invented, miners used steam engines, but they were just ineffective, because of their need to use fire to operate and the ventilation in mines and tunnels was inadequate to vent the fires’ fumes

Jack Hammer OperatorJackhammers can be Pneumatic, Electromechanical and Hydraulic. Pneumatic drills use compressed air as power source. To increase a pneumatic drill`s lifetime, you must use a special pneumatic lubricator. Electromechanical jackhammers require a power source to run, so they are often used inside buildings. The main disadvantage of electromechanical jackhammers is that they are not portable, as they need a powerful electric source, so you can`t attach them to batteries. Hydraulic jackhammers are very large, and they are attached to excavators or backhoes. If you want to demolish a construction, than you will certainly need a Hydraulic Jackhammer. For convenience sake, you can always hire a Jackhammer Operator.

Jackhammers emit almost 100 decibels at 100 meters so they lead to hearing damage if used without wearing hearing protection. Also, exposing to a jackhammer`s intense vibration can lead to blood-circulation failures in the fingers. Pneumatic drill usage can also lead to a predisposition for development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Some manufacturers of electron-pneumatic tools now offer vibration reduction systems to reduce the vibration felt by the operator. To find out more about jackhammer, check it out here.

October is Popcorn Month!!

Saving PopcornThe other day, I managed to take a break from my busy schedule as a graphic designer and catch a movie with my friends. The show was awesome and I enjoyed myself. The movie is ‘The Conjuring’ which is a horror movie. I must say it is a deserving treat for me. But what spurred me to write this post has nothing to do with the movie itself but more of the aftermath.

You see, I seldom have the time to watch a movie and that day was one of the rare occasions. So I was a little taken aback by what I see after the light was switch on and everyone has started leaving. There were a lot and I really mean a lot of popcorn left behind by us. Yes, POPCORN!!! The yellow fluffy snacks that we munch while watching movies.

It makes me wonder the amount of popcorn that must have been wasted in a single day. I am sure we don’t usually think twice about the food that we threw away especially these fluffy snacks that were prepared by an attendant mending the commercial popcorn machines. But let’s not take popcorn for granted and save them before the supplies of popcorn ran out.

So, let’s start a campaign to save popcorn!!! We can save it a pop at a time. Check out this article to learn more about the National Popcorn Popping Month. Yes, that’s right. October is specifically assigned as appreciating popcorn month.

During this month and celebration, there are many things that you can do to celebrate popcorn popping. And this article will tell you a number fun ways for you to celebrate this kind of unknown festive month.

So my parting word is SAVE POPCORN and let’s POPCORN POPPING!!!!

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